This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.

Nibbles .NET (WinForms)

This is a simple Windows Forms game, developed in C#, based on Microsoft QBasic Nibbles. The first version of this project was hosted on GotDotNet. It has now been updated to be a Visual Studio 2005 project. View the Help Page. There will be no further enhancements to Nibbles .NET - all future development will be to add features to SilverNibbles (see below).

SilverNibbles (Silverlight)

SilverNibbles is a port of Nibbles .NET to Silverlight 3.0. We have also taken advantage of the graphics capabilities of Silverlight to enhance the appearance slightly (while retaining a strong visual resemblance to the original). A recent version can be played below. You can also read some development notes.

Play using the embedded silverlight application below:

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