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Nibbles .NET Help Page

The original Nibbles game ran on QBasic, which was supplied with early versions of Windows. Nibbles .NET is a port of the original QBasic code to run on any version of Windows with the .NET 2.0 framework or higher installed.

The object is simple, guide your snake around the screen using the cursor keys to collect numbers. With each number you collect, your snake grows longer, and your score increases. Once you have collected 10 numbers, you will progress to the next level. Your snake starts with 5 lives. A life is lost if you collide with a wall, your own tail, or, in two player mode, with the opponent snake.

Sammy (the first snake) is guided by the four cursor keys, whilst Jake (the second snake in two player mode) is guided by the following keys: A = left; S = down; D = right; W = up.

Nibbles .NET Roadmap

The WinForms version of Nibbles is no longer under development - a Silverlight version - SilverNibbles is replacing it.

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